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Leading Medical Advancement

Who We Are

Prime BioSciences is an innovative company offering high-end products and services in the healthcare industry in Eastern and Southern Europe, and the Middle East, expanding into the personalized medicine sector covering the distribution of

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics)
  • Point of Care Diagnostics
  • OTC
  • Dietary Supplements

Our aim is to bring together industry executives, medical companies and manufacturers, healthcare professionals and doctors to collectively identify the changing needs of modern medical practices on personalized medicine and achieve technological innovation.

Our strategic geographic position in Greece enables us to distribute selected categories of medication and medical products, specializing in personalized medicine and laboratory apparatus, as well as to create synergies with leading medical device companies worldwide.  In this way, we act as a key medical equipment distributor in a region which is the interception of the West, the eastern European countries and Asia. Our deep knowledge of the local markets, in combination with our thorough understanding of the international health sector and our high level of scientific expertise, allow us to provide unrivaled diagnostic solutions, therapeutics, medical devices, OTC, dietary supplements and in general unique medical products.

Our Values


Trust is based in three major pillars; transparency on every step of the distribution process, strong relationships between all stakeholders – our team, our partners, and our clients – and integrity in everything we do.


A great complement to the quality of the products that our partners have developed and we represent, is the attention to detail, the operational efficiencies, and the well thought out sales strategies that we constantly strive to maintain and improve upon.


In the fast moving pace of the healthcare industry, with new products and technologies being introduced every day, we make sure we select to partner with the most innovative and cutting edge technological providers from around the world.

What We Do

Prime BioSciences is a pioneering provider of a complete spectrum of services in the healthcare industry. The company was established in 2018 by top sales and marketing executives who possess extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector in Europe, and it offers a comprehensive range of high-quality medical products. Starting with the prevention, continuing with the diagnosis, and also covering the treatment of various types of diseases, we view the medicine and medical supplies distributorship business as an integrated set of actions, innovative products and services focusing on people’s lives and strong partnerships.